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Evil Coop

Most easily known as Evil Coop, he is self-proclaimed ruler of the Alternate Earth that Coop and Gorrath fall into during a heated fight.


Evil Coop's Mech

His mech with the number 13

After he defeated Gorrath and his Glorft army, this Coop kept fighting, conquering planet after planet. He eventually lost his humane side, got himself into shape and decided to abandon Megas to pursue greater glories. Followed by Kiva, desperate to return to the future, the two went onto cause mass chaos and became galactic warlords. Up until the past Coop's intervention, Evil Coop was constantly trying to destroy the last piece of human resistance, which was led by Alternate Jamie. During the final battle with the real Coop and the Glorft, Coop and Evil Kiva were trapped in the Lurp Dimension.


After defeating the Glorft, he becomes corrupt and wants to fights more. He even fought some of his old allies. He seemed to be cynical about television programs. Also, he wants to destroy original Coop's dimension along with the original Glorft.

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