Warmaster Gorrath
Homeworld Unknown
Affiliation Glorft Army
Species Glorft
Gender Male
Hair color None
Eye color Red
Voice actor Clancy Brown

Mick Foley (Pilot)

Status Alive

Gorrath is war master and leader of the Glorft .


Gorrath is Coop's arch nemesis. He followed Kiva with his army, back in time, to retrieve Megas. Gorrath often launches attacks of fleets at Coop, in order to obtain Megas.


Coop - Gorrath is a fierce leader and seems to treat everyone with disdain. Many of his Soldiers appears to dislike him. Gorrath has an extreme hate towards humanity and Coop in particular, usually referring to him as, "lousy, stinking, monkey, earther." He seems to grow to hate Coop even more every time he is defeated, which makes him sometimes behave irrationally, in one episode staying to defeat Coop meant he'd never be able to go home to which he snarled: "THEN WE WON'T GO BACK!". Gorrath has no respect at all towards him, though when they were forced to escape together from the Evil Coop he did offer to shake his hand. However, Coop ruined this gesture by accidentally tripping and seemingly attacking Gorrath, causing him revoke his gesture.

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