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Megas XLR Album Cover

There are 135 songs in the Megas OST (that I know of). Below is a is a link to a MediaFire webpage where you can download them all including the main theme, "Chicks Dig Giant Robots" which is number 14 for the short version or number 76 for the full version. All of these files are MP3 files. Thanks to Kaijudomage of MediaFire and Youtube for providing these files. Enjoy!

If you have MediaFire's MediaPro, then this link should allow you to download the entire collection: Complete Megas XLR OST

001.) Apalacian Banjo Duel (Varsin's Theme)

002.) Attack Class Submarine

003.) Berserker

004.) Blades

005.) Blood Shot

006.) Blue Danube Waltz

007.) Blue Harmonica

008.) Bud

009.) Busy Summer's Day

010.) Call of the Dairy Cows

011.) Can't Hide

012.) Celli Percussion

013.) Champions of the Universe

014.) Chicks Dig Giant Robots

015.) Chopping Spree

016.) Clashing Swords

017.) Code Red

018.) Collision Course

019.) Coma Dose

020.) Consuming Fire

021.) Cornered

022.) Cross Town Mover

023.) Cruisin' High

024.) Cylinder Head

025.) Damnation

026.) Dark Spawn

027.) Darkness

028.) Dead Man

029.) Disorderly Conduct

030.) Dopasonic

031.) Drama Eight

032.) Dreams of the Heavens

033.) Driving

034.) Egyptian Fanfare

035.) El Desfile (Skalgar's Theme 2)

036.) Epic Movie Adventures 2

037.) Floris March

038.) Force of Darkness

039.) Freedom Sound

040.) Galaxy Toopers

041.) Greensleeves

042.) Ground Zero

043.) Gunslingers & Lawmen

044.) Hammer of the Witches (a)

045.) Hammer of the Witches (b)

046.) Hammerhead

047.) Hang 'Em Low

048.) Happy Husker

049) Harsh Life B.

050.) Heavenly Effect

051.) Here We Go

052.) High Planes

053.) Hogan's Thing

054.) Hollow

055.) Hot Night

056.) Hunt You Down

057.) I Spy

058.) Insomnia

059.) Intrepid

060.) La Corrida De Torros (Skalgar's Theme 1)

061.) Larger Than Life (Part 1)

062.) Late Night

063.) Let the Games Begin

064.) Let's Go

065.) Life Flight

066.) Lose My Hi

067.) Lurp Theme

068.) Malleus Mallificarum

069.) Megas XLR Drama Sting 1

070.) Megas XLR Drama sting 2

071.) Megas XLR Funk Sting 1

072.) Megas XLR Rock Sting 1

073.) Megas XLR Rock Sting 2

074.) Megas XLR Rock Sting 3

075.) Megas XLR Rock Sting 4

076.) Megas XLR Theme (Original Version)

077.) Megatropolis

078.) Menuet 1

079.) Mignight Rodeo

080.) Mission Objective

081.) More Haste

082.) Night of the Plague

083.) Night Racer

084.) Nightly (Magnanimous's Theme)

085.) Orchestral Horror

086.) Panther (A)

087.) Policewoman

088.) Psycho

089.) Psychomanix

090.) Punk Montage

091.) Racing Heart

092.) Rain Dance

093.) Rave Up

094.) Relentless Power

095.) Requiem

096.) Return of the Caveman

097.) Revolt

098.) Richard the Lionheart

099.) Ro-Sham-Bo

100.) Salute to the Heroes

101.) Sao Salvador Da Bahia

102.) Satin Sounds

.) Short Hair

103.) Silver Thrust

104.) Sister Monique

105.) Ska'd 4 Life

106.) Slip Away

107.) Smooth & Cool

108.) Soft Winds

109.) Sonata No. 5 B-Major. Allegro Assai

110.) Soul Punch

111.) Space Walk

112.) Space War

113.) Spin. Spin. Spin.

114.) Teenage Chase

115.) Thanks for Everything

116.) The Action Team

117.) The Big One

118.) The Conqueror

119.) The Dark (B)

120.) The Evil One (B)

121.) The Liberty Bell

122.) The Temple of Delights

123.) Theme for Harp

124.) Tippsy Trippsy

125.) Towards the Edge

126.) Toxic Waste (B)

127.) Ultimate Glory

128.) Ultimate Menace

129.) Unidentified Flying Objects

130.) Uranium 236

131.) Viper Room Rumble

132.) Web of Evil

133.) Whistle While you March

134.) Wonder Kid

135.) Wrath of Bob

There are some labelled (B), which usually meant that there was at least an (A) if not more lettered tracks of the same name. Some of these however, do NOT have an (A) or other lettered tracks of the same name. I am not sure if this is an error or if I simply am missing those tracks. If anyone finds any that I am missing please inform me or add them to this list. Also, if any of the tracks on this list have incorrect links, please notify me or fix them.

This is the location where all these files were found and where you can download them if for some reason the links listed above are broken or you would prefer to download them here.

Source: Kaijudomage's MediaFire Folder for the Megas XLR OST

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