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Megas XLR
Season 2, Episode 25, 26
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Plot SummaryEdit

Coop warps himself and gorrath into an alternate demension where the glorft were defeated, and Jamie is the ruler of a city built out of the corpse of the karajor. Coop thinks that Jamie is evil in this demension. but when Coop accidentally summons white robots that shoot up the city, Coop saves alternate Jamie 's life. Coop learns that he is responsible for this apocalyptic world.

Part 2Edit

Coop, Gorrath, and Alternate Jamie plan an assault on evil coop's fortess, they attack, but Megas is destroyed. Gorrath remembers that evil coop abandoned Megas, so Coop goes to the alternate garage, gets a new Megas, and defeats his evil self in an awesome fight scene.


The mech which Evil Coop uses resembles the MSN-04 Sazabi from the Gundam series.

The name of this two parter is a reference to the original series Star Trek episode Mirror, Mirror, which has a similar basic plot.




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