Char Skalgar

Skalgar is an intergalactic robotic criminal who speaks in a Spanish accent.


Skalgar strives to be the most feared criminal in the universe, but because of his small size he is often made fun of. In spite of this, he is incredibly powerful. When he gets word of a universal controller made by Coop, he goes to claim it for his own thinking it will let him control the universe. He is defeated by Megas when Skalgar's own attack was turned against him. (Season 2, Episode 11: Universal Remote


His design, especially his beard and helmet is based on the Lord of Chaos of the Transformers universe, Unicron. Making his small stature even more of a parody.


―Skalgar being irritated to Jamie's insult.
"Now, to finish you for good..."
―Skalgar's last moments.


  • He hates being called "Schoolgirl" by Jamie.

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