Megas XLR
Season 1, Episode 6
Satellite eating planet
Written by Alain Matz
Directed by Chris Prynoski
Episode Guide
Buggin' the System

Plot SummaryEdit

In an attempt to fix the television, Coop accidentally causes a blast of concentrated television waves to go out into space and attracts a giant, radio-wave eating Planet-Eating Monster to Earth. Due to the fact it is eating all the TV-satellites, it is impossible for anyone to watch any TV. Coop needs to stop this thing at all costs, but there’s one major snag – to stop a planet-sized monster that eats television waves.





Gorrath: How is the weapon coming?

Glorft Commander: We should be ready shortly. Here is a report of the progress.

Gorrath: I don't need reports. I NEED RESULTS! I need the Ultimate Planet Destroyer operational, NOW!

Glorft Commander: Sir, but won't the UPD destroy the prototype as well as the Earth?

Gorrath: Your pencheant for stating the obvious is geting old commander. OF COURSE IT WILL! I'LL DESTROY THEM ALL! If I can't have the prototype, no one can! Especially not some fat, primitive, monkey-minded PROTO-EARTHER!

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