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Megas S-ForceZarrik

Zarrik is another of the S-Force's old enemies and according to Coop, is a "point-headed chump".


Zarrek captures planet Sarus and tried to throw the S-Force into the Infinity Zone. Just in time, Coop came to their rescue and managed to destroy the Infinity Zone. With the help of the S-Force, Coop destroyed Zarrik's robotic army and annihilated the Star Serpent by stabbing its head with its own stinger. After his defeat, Zarrik was sent to off to a Sarus prison.


Zarrik is a direct homage to Berg Katse( or "Zoltar", as he is known in the dub), a major enemy of the Science Ninja Team Gatchaman, whom the S-Force is partly based on.

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